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 Active Member Status

Members of Psi Chi at UCR, must obtain active status by achieving a minimum of 5 activity points. However, activity status is based on the type of events you attend/participate. These points can be achieved by attending our general meetings, socials, fundraisers, community service events, etc.   

In order to track your points, sign-in sheets will be distributed at all of our events. Please make sure you are signing in to verify your membership standing! If you have any questions or concerns about your activity points, feel free to email us at!

Psi Chi International Benefits

  • Eligible for exclusive International Psi Chi Grants, Awards, and Scholarships

  • Eligible to apply for publication in Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research 

  • Receive access to exclusive online resources such as Psi Chi's magazine, which provides tools for graduate school applications, career advancement, conducting research, promoting diversity, leadership, and more! 

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Active Standing: Private Events

Activity Points System

Psi Chi at UCR

Each event that you attend or participate in is worth at least 1 point. Below are the rewards based off of the points awarded. A Special Event will be hosted at the end of the quarter for Gold Status regardless of membership status (e.g. official or prospective).


5 points

Official Members:

• Required to be considered Active

• Merch discount

• Grad regalia discount

• Eligible to apply for leadership positions


10 points

Official Members:

• Merch discount

• Grad regalia discount

• Instagram highlight

• Eligible for a Special Raffle 

• Eligible to apply for leadership positions


15 points

Official Members:

• Merch discount

• Greater Grad regalia discount 

• Instagram Highlight

• Eligible for a Special Social 

• Eligible for a Special Raffle 

• Eligible to apply for leadership positions

Active Standing: Services
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