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Executive Board 2022-2023

Our Team: Meet the Team


Tiffiney Tse (She/Her)

  • Year: 4th year 

  • Double Major: Psychology & Education

  • Area of Interest: Educational Psychology/Counseling/Academic Advising/Student Affairs

  • Why I Joined: I joined Psi Chi because of the many opportunities that allows me to grow professionally and also meet new people who are also interested in the field of Psychology!

  • Advice to New Members: Do not be afraid to take leaps or even small steps! It might seem daunting, but trust yourself and go out of your comfort zone. You might just meet some of the best people out there and be exposed to many opportunities that are meant for you. (:

  • Fun Fact: I enjoy arts and crafts and watching anime/dramas in my free time!

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