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First-Year Lay Member Program (FLMP)

Our application cycle has been closed for the 2022-2023 academic school year. 

FLMP is a mentorship opportunity for first-year students to get connected with on-campus community. Students are paired with current official Psi Chi mentors to learn about college life, Psi Chi, and their futures. This program focuses on career development, networking skills, and many other topics of interest. Up to 22 first year psychology majors will be admitted into our First-Year Lay Member Program. This free program presents the ability to become involved in Psi Chi at UCR before completing the 14 unit requirement. 

Benefits include:

  • Acknowledgement as a chapter member in your first year

  • Mentorship from a Psi Chi member

  • Access to chapter benefits

  • Networking opportunities

  • Exclusive socials​

For questions, please contact and CC our FLMP Coordinator Tracy Nguyen ( or Justin Tran (

Freshmen Lay Member Program: About
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FLMP Social (1)_edited.jpg

FLMP 2021-2022

Game Night Social. There is no better way to de-stress after midterms if you are not playing some competitive board games and Super Smash Bros with Psi Chi! 

FLMP 2019-2020

Social at Goldman Library. We love to explore different places on campus. Join us by sharing your favorite food in our favorite location within the Psychology Building!

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flmpees (50).jpeg

FLMP 2018-2019

FLMP at Inductions. Reward your accomplishments by joining our Spring Inductions Ceremony and celebrating in community!

Freshmen Lay Member Program: Features

Meet Our 2022-2023 Mentors!

Freshmen Lay Member Program: Meet the Team
Psi Chi Election Headshot - Brandon Chao.jpg

Brandon Chao

 Alyssa Hames.jpeg

Alyssa Hames

Nick presenting pic - Nicklaus Lo.jpeg

Nicklaus Lo

Patricia Martinez_edited_edited.jpg

Patricia Martinez

Gerardo Michel - July 2022 - Gerardo Michel.jpeg

Gerardo Michel

IMG_0610 - Tracy Nguyen.jpeg

Tracy Nguyen

Abigail Pellitteri Senior Picture - Abigail Pellitteri.jpeg

Abigail Pellitteri

IMG_2503 - Purnima Qamar_edited_edited.jpg

Purnima Qamar

Paris - Psi Chi.jpeg

Paris Shewfelt

Justin Tran .jpeg

Justin Tran

photo - Whitney Tran.jpeg

Whitney Tran

pic - Tiffiney Tse .jpeg

Tiffiney Tse

Ashley Zhang.jpeg

Ashley Zhang

*Your acceptance into this program does not mean you are an official Psi Chi member. It is solely a mentorship program that aids first years students to learn more about Psi Ch at UCR*

Freshmen Lay Member Program: Text
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