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Apply to Psi Chi!

We are so excited to receive your membership application! Please submit our Winter 2023 application by Friday, January 27th at 11:59pm PT. For any inquiries, email us at

If you are debating whether to apply or not, take a look at our Gallery and envision yourself with us by joining our amazing community. 

Apply to UCR Psi Chi: Text

Chapter Membership Requirements

  1. Major or minor in Psychology (or similar fields)

  2. Completed a total of 14 Psychology units taken at UCR 

    1. If you haven’t yet, you can still be an unofficial member and earn membership points

    2. *Transfer students must complete this requirement, transfer classes do not count

  3. Completed a total of 54 UCR units (breadth and PSYC classes counted)

    1. Transfer student must have completed a total of 18 units at UCR​

  4. Have an Overall GPA of 3.3 or higher and a PSYC GPA of 3.0 or higher​

Apply to UCR Psi Chi: Opening Hours

Steps to Join Psi Chi at UCR

  1. Look over Chapter Membership Requirements (see above)​

  2. Fill out the online National Psi Chi Application here

  3. Request to join us on HighlanderLink here

  4. Fill out our Local Chapter Application here

  5. Wait 2-3 weeks for processing

  6. Respond to the email sent by National Psi Chi HQ that will include your Member Fee Payment Link*

    1. ​$60.00 ($55.00 lifetime member fee plus $5 credit card processing fee)

  7. Pay the $15 Chapter Fee (payment instructions will be sent to you by our email)  

*Note: No Certificates are included with this option. After payment is submitted, you will be automatically emailed a 50% off Discount Code to use when ordering an Official Membership Certificate from the Psi Chi Store ($5.00 plus shipping, and you have the option to ship it to your home address). After payment has been processed, you will be sent your “Welcome New Member” email that will include the Member ID # and your account login. *

Apply to UCR Psi Chi: Opening Hours

What if my application gets rejected?

  1. You can still attend our general meetings as a prospective member.  Our applications open each quarter, you will have the opportunity to apply later in the year!  

  2. Stay in touch!! Become an active member, follow us on Instagram @psi_chi_ucr, join our Discord, and subscribe to our mailing list here to receive our latest information. 

Apply to UCR Psi Chi: Opening Hours
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