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Becoming an Executive Board Member

  • Unlike General Members who attend Psi Chi during GM's and events, ​Psi Chi happens every day for Executive Board Members. In order for our Chapter to be successful in its endeavors, Officers must be willing to AND be capable of dedicating a vast amount of time to Psi Chi.

    • It is especially important within UCR’s quarter system that Officers remain on top with the organizations' demands. Thereby, we emphasize the importance of punctuality from all officers.

  • ​Becoming an Officer can be a big commitment, but you will be rewarded for the time and dedication you invest into the Chapter.

  • If you have any lingering questions about elections, feel free to email us at

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Election process

  • Executive Board Elections are held during a General Meeting towards the end of the Winter Quarter.

  • If you have any questions about chapter officer and leader positions, please attend our Office Hours or email us!

  • All active members are encouraged to apply for a single position of interest​

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